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Monday, May 13, 2013

Polymeric Sand for Paver/Stone Joints

We install polymeric sand on all our jobs. The polymeric sand is applied heavy on the finished pavement and swept in the joints. The next step is remove excess sand and wash entire surface off with water and soak the surface/joints really good. Once dried the polymeric sand gets as hard as a mortar cement.


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  2. Wow, so you're saying that once the polymeric sand is washed and dried, it is hard enough to keep bugs out of the cracks? What an awesome idea! Can you buy polymeric sand from any online vendors, or is it a product unique to your company? We have a stone walkway in front of our house that could really use this stuff. There are always bugs and plants in the cracks, and it doesn't look very professional. Maybe there is a company like yours in my area that I could hire to finish it.
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